When I try to launch the application, I get an error message that reads “MAPI32.dll” file not found error message”.


  1. MAPI32.dll is corrupted or deleted
  2. Eudora replaces Windows native MAPI file with its own version. GBM communicates with Outlook to populate profiles for outlook Backup

Cause 1: go to Start> Run> Type “Fixmapi” then click ok
If the problem persists, click here to download the “MAPI32.dll” file, and save it in

Cause 2: in Eudora’s Tools> Options> MAPI dialog, choose the “Never” value for the Eudora MAPI Server setting, then click OK. Assuming no MAPI client applications are using the MAPI DLLs, then Eudora will immediately uninstall the Eudora MAPI DLLs.

GBM 7 and above
Genie Mail Backup v 8.0
Genie Timeline