When I try to launch the application, I get an error message that reads “PX.dll file not found error message”.

File PX.dll not copied properly or corrupted during installation or the user did not restart the computer after installation


    1. Check if you have the latest build, from Help> About.

      • GBM 8.0 users can download the latest build (8.0.365.535) from the following links:

      – GBM Pro 8.0 for x86:
      – GBM Pro 8.0 for x64:
      – GBM Home 8.0:

    2. Try restarting the computer and try running again.
    1. Manually install the dll manually:

      1. click here to download the file

      2. When downloading is complete extract the file to the following folder:

      C:\Program Files\Genie-Soft\GBMAPPLICATION\primo
      * If C is not the drive holding your Program Files folder, please substitute C for the appropriate drive letter.
      * GBMAPPLICATION can be as follows:

      GBM Pro 8.0: GBMPro8
      GBM Home 8.0: GBMHome8
      GBM Server 8.0: GBMServer8For LaCie editions go to:
      C:\Program Files\LaCie\ instead of: C:\Program Files\Genie-soft

    2. Run the file “pxsetup.exe” (Action will be carried out in the background, do not be alarmed if nothing appears to happen)
  1. Now retry using Genie Backup Manager

GBM Pro, Home and Server 8.0

GBM Pro, Home and Server 9.0