Timeline backs up files though you have exclude them.

– The files are not correctly excluded from the backup.
– Disaster Recovery is one of your data selections and in this case GTL won’t follow the normal Auto-Exclude rule mentioned below because Disaster Recovery backs up the entire C drive file – by- file and disregards any excluding filters applied to avoid exclude mistakes by the users that might affect a full system restore. However, if you want to exclude certain file/ folder from a Disaster Recovery backup, please check this Knowledge base article

There are various means for excluding files or directories from backup. Only the first method will actually delete all file versions from the backup, the latter methods will only exclude newer versions from being added.

Method 1:
Right click on the wanted file/folder >> Remove from backup.
This will also delete all the backed up versions of the file from the backup drive.

Method 2:
Drag and drop files to No-Backup Zone located on the Desktop.

Method 3:
• From GTL Dashboard >> Modify data selections >> “My Computer” tab >> Filter My Selections >> Enable Filters >> Add the extensions of the files that you want to exclude separated by semicolons. For example: .txt;.docx;.html

Please note that this option applies only to the selected data from “My computer” tab.

• From GTL Dashboard >> Modify data selections >> “Smart Selections” tab >> Click on the “Edit” option which appears on some of the selections >> Remove unwanted files extensions.

Method 4:
• To enable Auto-Exclude:

1. From Tools >> Advanced Settings >> Preferences >> Auto-Exclude.
2. Select Enable Auto-Exclude(Recommended).
3. Click OK to save changes.

• To exclude hidden files from backup:

1. Select Exclude hidden files.
2. Click OK to save changes.

This option applies only when you are backing up hidden files by selecting them from “My Computer”.

• To add files/folders to the Auto-Exclude list:

1. Click Add.
2. Type the full path of the file/folder as well as the description(optional).
3. Click Done.
4. Click OK to save changes.

• To remove files/folders from the Auto-Exclude list(not recommended for pre-defined auto-exclude files and folders):

1. Select the File/Folder path.
2. Click Remove.
3. Click OK to save changes.

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