Windows 7 and Windows Vista have replaced Windows Address Book to Contacts and Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail. Users will need to import Contacts and Outlook Express messages in the new products, following the simple steps below:

  1. After backing up your Outlook Express messages and Windows Address Book, install Genie Backup Manager (GBM) on the new machine and click Restore.
  2. Browse for your backup then click Next.
  3. To import Windows Address Book, select the Windows Address Book category from under the My Profile tab → Click Launch Backed Up Windows Address Book → A dialog will appear. Click Import.
  4. To import Outlook Express, you will need to restore messages to an identity, therefore click the Select Identity button →  Select Genie Backup IdentitySelect.
  5. Identity Restore Wizard will be opened to show you how to restore back in OE. In our case, these will be ignored, so click Back to Restore then Next for the restore process to proceed.
  6. After restore completes, we will need to show hidden folders in Windows explorer so the messages can be found. To do so, open Windows Explorer → OrganizeFolder and search options.
  7. Under the View tab, select Show hidden files, folders, and drive.
  8. Open Windows Live Mail → FileImportMessages.
  9. In the Select Program window, select Outlook Express 6Next.
  10. Browse for the identity location (C:\Users\USERNAME\Appdata\Local\Identities) → Open the Alpha numerical folder → Microsoft → Outlook Express.
  11. Proceed with the wizard to import all or selected folders to Windows Live Mail or Windows Mail.


Applies to: All Genie Backup Manager (GBM) Products.