You can schedule manually by doing the following:
1. Control Panel >> Scheduled Tasks >> In the scheduled window right click on the mouse and choose New >> Scheduled Task
2. Double click on the new task you have just created
3. in the Run field enter the following command line:

  • For GBM 7.0 and 8.0:
  • “X:\Program Files\Genie-Soft\GBMAPPLICATION\GBMVERSION.exe” -e -job “Job name”

  • For GBM 9.0:
  • “X:\Program Files\Genie9\Genie Backup Manager\GBMVERSION.exe” -e -job “Job name”

Where GBMAPPLICATION is as follows:
GBM Home 7.0: GBMHome7, GBM Pro 7.0: GBMPro7, and GBM Server 7.0: GBMServer7
GBM Home 8.0: GBMHome8, GBM Pro 8.0: GBMPro8, and GBM Server 8.0: GBMServer8

GBM Version 7: GBM7.exe
GBM Version 8: GBM8.exe
GBM Version 9: GBM.exe

  • Where X: is the drive where GBM is installed in
  • make sure of the path is where GBM is located on your machine
  • “Job name” name of the job you are intending to schedule

4. And in the Start in field enter the path of the application path of the software in the following format:

  • For GBM 8.0 and 7.0:
  • “X:\Program Files\Genie-Soft\GBMAPPLICATION”

  • For GBM 9.0:
  • “X:\Program Files\Genie9\Genie Backup Manager”

Genie Backup Manager