The Scheduled Tasks log (SchedLgU.txt), enables you to view more information about the status of a scheduled task. This log file for Scheduled Tasks is stored in the Windows folder, where it is used to record the activity of scheduled tasks. You can use the log file to determine why a task might have stopped, by viewing errors that may have encountered the task or to check on the status of a task. Usually, you can search the Microsoft knowledge base with the error codes you are encountering and find fixes and workarounds for common errors.

Sending the Scheduled log to support:

Sometimes when users are encountering problems in scheduling, the support will ask to send the scheduled log, to do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel> Scheduled Tasks to open the scheduled task window, Then in the Toolbar, click Advanced> View log… as shown:

  1. The text pad will open with SchedLgU.txt, Click save as… to save in a known location

    • Attach the scheduled Tasks log to the ticket you have opened. For more information, about attaching files to your tickets click here