1. Restore from Genie Disaster Recovery
    Genie Disaster Recovery mainly backs up your Windows Folder, System State, Programs,Documents and settings, and Boot manager. Therefore, if you encounter a system instability, you can recover from this backup. Restore the Genie Disaster Recovery if you are restoring to the same machine, only if the hard
    drive was replaced, or the hardware configuration is identical to computer the Disaster Recovery
    backup was taken from, otherwise use the regular backup to restore your backup.
  2. Restore from regular backup
     If a you have not created a Disaster Recovery Backup or you are moving to a new system you should use
    the regular backup to restore from. In this case, you must install Windows and all your programs
    manually. The following should be taken into consideration:

    What not to restore

    When restoring your data, you should make sure whether or not you have the same windows version and service pack as the data you are allowed to restore can differ:

    Restoring to the Same OS and Service pack:

  1. Your whole system drive: As mentioned above, GBM is not an imaging system there are several folders in your system drive that should not be restored.
    • Windows folder: this folder contains files that are essential for Windows and other applications to
      run correctly. Restoring this folder while Windows is currently running will cause conflict with the
      OS and therefore causing your system to become unstable. Usually, Windows folder is recovered in a process called Disaster Recovery.
    • Program Files: Many users think that restoring their Program Files folder will restore all the
      programs they had running on their system, however, many of these programs are linked to
      different locations and hidden folders you may not be aware of, causing corrupted applications.
      If you wish to backup your personal program configurations, you can download free plugins from are growing database. For more information on plugins, please refer to the following knowledgebase:


  2. Windows Registry: the Registry is a central repository for unique user and machine configuration data. Therefor, alot of keys created when installing windows will have a unique id, so you should not restore any keys from a different machine or different windows installation as these IDs change could cause corruption for the windows installation you have.

Restoring to a different OS and Service pack:

  1. Points 1 and 2 above
  2. Windows settings: Power Settings, Visual Appearance, Connection Settings, etc… may differ from one operating system to another and from service pack to another, therefore if you wish to restore your windows settings, make sure it is done on the same Windows version and service pack.

What to Restore:

  1. All in My Profile excluding what is mentioned above.
  2. Personal folders and files on your drive.
  3. Programs data and settings from My Plugins Tab.

**Disaster Recovery is supported in GBM Versions 8 and 9