Genie Backup Manager (GBM) and Genie Timeline (GTL) are provided under single-user licenses or license packs. A single-user license allows a single individual to use GBM/GTL on a single computer.

If you want to install GBM/GTL on a network and provide access for more than one user, you must purchase additional single-user licenses or license packs. Each additional single-user license allows one other specific individual to install and use GBM/GTL. Additional single-user licenses are not concurrent-user licenses (that is, each additional single-user license is associated with a specific individual). For example, a group of 10 users who want to use on GBM must purchase 9 additional single-user licenses so that the entire work group can have access (e.g., 10 licenses total). Or the group must purchase a 10-user license pack.

If you need to purchase an additional license, you can do so online at our Online Store or you can phone, fax or e-mail your order to us.