This walkthrough summarizes how to create a complete disaster recovery backup using Genie Backup Manager (GBM)

Step 1: Create Genie Disaster Recovery Bootable disk (One time only)

Requirements: Blank or empty CD or DVD disk, or USB drive.

Recommended: New CD/DVD or USB drive.

How to Create this boot disk?

  1. Open GBM → Click Disaster Recovery.
  2. A dialog will open. Click Create GDR bootable disk.
    1. Using the CD/DVD recorder option: Insert your CD/DVD in your burner and select the CD/DVD drive → Click Next to continue.
    2. Using the Create ISO image option: Browse for a local location (Such as the Desktop) to save the .iso file that will be created → Click Next to continue. A Genie_DR.iso file will be created in the selected location. Use any ISO-burning utility (such as Rufus) to create a bootable USB drive using this ISO file.


Step 2: Create the Disaster Recovery Backup

This step backs up the main data necessary to recover your system after it fails to load properly.

Requirements: Backup Storage media.

Recommended: External, or network location.

How to create the Disaster Recovery Backup?

  1. Open GBM → Click Disaster Recovery.
  2. A dialog will open. Click Skip creating disc.
  3. In the Where to Backup window, select the backup destination → Click Next.
  4. In the What to Backup window, a list of Disaster Recovery Data is displayed. You can add additional folders by clicking on Add Additional Files/Folders option or via the My Folders tab there → Click Next.
  5. From the Settings window, select the settings of the backup job.
  6. Click Next to start the backup process.