FeaturesGenie Timeline ProGenie Backup Manager Pro
Timeline View
Block-Level Backup
Deleted Files Detection
Disaster Recovery Support
Built-In Search Engine
File Versioning SupportFile-level versioning. Multiple versions per fileJob-level versioning. Multiple versions of the entire backup job
Supported Backup TypesIncremental backupFull, Incremental, Differential and Mirror Backups
Number of Backup Jobs1Multiple jobs
Backup Retention (Purge)By days and sizeBy days and number of backups
AES Encryption SettingsOptional 256-bit EncryptionOptional 128-, 192- and 256-bit Encryption
Supported Backup LocationsLocal, Network, and removable mediaLocal, Amazon S3, Network, removable media, FTP/FTPS and CD/DVD/Blu-ray
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