Backup Manager frequently misses out (skips) some of the files I have selected. Most often, it misses out the entire Outlook file (outlook.pst).


  1. Genie Backup Manager cannot backup files that are on Windows 2000
  2. Your computer does not have an NTFS partition
  3. You are backing up files from network locations
  4. Volume Shadow Copy Service is not working properly.


To solve cause number 2; convert one of your partitions to NTFS. For more information on how to convert, please refer to the following knowledge-base:

To solve case number 3; map the network drive to any letter rather than A or B.

To solve cause 4, in order to find the specific error you are encountering, please run the Windows backup utility from Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Backup, select a small test backup then after it finishes, click view report. Search the internet for solutions of the error reported or contact support.

GBM 8.0 and GBM 9.0