1. Automatically connect and disconnect your network drives before and after backup*:
In GBM Pro and Server 8.0 and 9.0 users have the ability to automatically connect network drives prior backup and disconnect afterwards, for more information, please refer to the following knowledgebase:

2. Use Encryption based on how exposed your backup is:
To prevent unauthorized access to your backups, GBM provides the highly secure AES encryption. This option is enabled from the Backup Setting page> Under Security. You can also vary the encryption strength* based on how much your backup is exposed and how critical the data is.

3. Use backup transfer method*:
When network locations are selected, GBM automatically backs up to this location, however, if you feel that your backup will take up all the bandwidth in working hours and to avoid long backup types and disconnections, you can enable backup transfer method. This will create the backup locally then transfers it to the network location. To enable this setting, go to the Backup Settings page> More Settings> Backup Transfer Method

4. Choose the backup type that suits your needs:
When choosing a backup type you must understand your goal, if your goal is to perform fast backups, use incremental backups, if space and time is your consideration, use mirror and so on…

5. Rotate backup types for reliable backups:
Using a mixture of normal backups with incremental/differential backups will ensure more reliability and keeps backups up to date. There are two ways to rotate backup types:

6. Enable Multi drive spanning to span to more than one location*:
If you manage large data backups and you do want to come back next day with a dialog indicating that the disc is full, you can enable Multi drive spanning and in the Auto spanning drive list you can specify other locations for unattended backups.

7. View the contents of your backups from windows Explorer using Backup without Compression:
GBM has the ability to backup files in its native form to be viewed and accessed from windows Explorer. This option can be enabled from the Backup Settings page.

*Only Available on GBM Pro and Server 8 and 9