Schedule a backup in Genie Backup Manager but when the time comes for the backup the error message “The job failed due to naming or permission errors. Please check that the job exists with the created name and of your account settings” comes up.

There are four causes for such an error message:

  • A scheduled backup job has been deleted from GBM only without deleting it from Windows Task Scheduler.
  • A scheduled backup job has been renamed
  • The scheduled task was created with a user account details entered at the authentication process different than the ones used at the current log in of Windows.
  • Scheduled task is running with a blank password
  • The Backup Job Name contains the following characters:
    \   /   |   *   :   <  >  .   ? “”

1. If you have previously scheduled a backup and then deleted it from GBM (Tools > Jobs Manager) and this error appears, then this means that this backup scheduling information wasn’t deleted from Windows Task Scheduler.
To solve this issue, click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> click “Scheduled Tasks” (in Windows XP) or “Task Scheduler” (in Windows Vista and 7) -> Look for the GBM task that runs at that time the error appears and delete it.

2. Please make sure that the backup job is not renamed, you can achieve that by going to Tools >> Jobs Manager, and check the name of the job you are trying to schedule, then go to Windows Scheduler and make sure that the scheduled task has the same job name as in GBM. If not, delete the task from there and reschedule it again from GBM.

3. The explanation for the third is that when the job is created on UserAccount1, then the job will be stored in:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserAccount1\Application Data\Genie-soft\GBMAPPLICATION\jobs

While when the user create the scheduled task and assign it to UserAccount2, GBM will look for the job under:

C:\Documents and Settings\UserAccount2\Application Data\Genie-soft\GBMAPPLICATION\jobs

And so the job won’t be found. So please make sure to schedule the backup job using the same user profile where you’ve created it.

4. Blank Password:

  • Select to run only when logged on in the schedule task.
  • Create a login password: Windows XP and above require login password when running schedule while logged on or not:

5. Simply remove these characters from the Backup Job Name and then you can continue successfully.

GBM 7 and above