When manually browsing the content of your backup folder (_Genie Timeline) via the Windows Explorer, not all the selected files are presented there.



Genie Timeline (GTL) introduced a De-duplication feature that does not allow backing up the exact same file twice, which aims to save space in the backup drive; this feature locates duplicated files based on comparing hashes of backed up files against each other.



It is not correct to manually browse your backup via Windows Explorer, as Genie Timeline has its own advanced methods of making the backup.

To check your backed up data, use one of the following two methods:

  1. Open your Genie Timeline software → ToolsSettingsPreferences.
  2. From the Preferences window, click Windows Explorer Enhancements → Make sure the Show Timeline Explorer in My Computer option is enabled → Save.
  3. Now from the main window (Dashboard) of Genie Timeline software, go to RestoreRestore from Timeline. This will open your Timeline Explorer where you can browse the content of your current backup. All the backed up data will be shown this way.

  1. Open your Genie Timeline software → RestoreAdvanced Restore.
  2. In the opened Advanced Restore window, you can see a tree-like view of all your backed up data.


Applies To: Genie Timeline (GTL).