To run the installation silently, use the following command in the CMD window:

[GenieTimelineSetupFileName.exe] [/lang LANG_CODE_NUMBER] [/S] [/D=DIR_PATH]


  • GenieTimelineSetupFileName is the exact name of the setup file you have downloaded for Genie Timeline.
  • /lang specifies the installation language. Omitting the parameter will install the Genie Timeline in the default language; English.
  • LANG_CODE_NUMBER is the code number for the language you want to install Genie Timeline in it. For example, 1033 is for English.
    For popular language code examples, please refer to the table below:
    LanguageLanguage Code
    America (World Wide English)1033
    Canada (Canadian French)3084
    Germany (German)1031
    Spain (World wide Spanish)1034
    France (World wide French)1036
    Italy (Italian)1040
    Netherlands (Dutch)1043
  • / S to run the setup silently. The S must be uppercase. Omitting this parameter will run regular installation.
  • /D specifies the installation path; omitting this parameter will install in the default installation location; C:\Program Files\
  • DIR_PATH is the customized installation path. You must specify the full path with the program name and without quotations; i.e. “”.


If you want to install Genie Timeline Pro 10 in English, silently and without the setup backup wizard to appear to the default installation path (C:\Program files), use:

GenieTimeline10Pro.exe /S

However, if you wish to install it in French to the D:\GTL folder, use:

GenieTimeline10Pro.exe /lang 1036 /S /D=D:\GTL

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