The Outlook .PST file is not presented in the backup drive where Genie Timeline saves the data, even though it is included in the Data Selection of the Genie Timeline (GTL) software.



Genie Timeline (GTL) backs up Outlook PST file using Block Level Technology in which Genie Timeline divides the .PST file into blocks and after the first full backup, only new and modified blocks will be backed up to save space and time.

GTL saves these blocks in a folder named _BL in the backup folder (_Genie Timeline) located in the backup drive, and you can always view and restore your PST using one of the following methods:

  1. Open your GTL software → RestoreRestore from Timeline.
  2. From the opened Timeline Explorer, browse for your PST file → Right-click on it → Restore.

  1. Open your GTL software → RestoreAdvanced Restore.
  2. From the opened Advanced Restore window, browse for your PST file → Select it and click Next → Specify where you need to restore the selected PST file and click Next.


APPLIES TO: Genie Timeline (GTL)