Caution! This is only for personal files restoration (Documents, photos, emails, etc). Avoid using this method to restore any system-related files, such as C:\Program Files, C:\Windows, etc. Doing so may affect your system consistency.


Trying to restore from another backup which was created on another machine or on previous time, but Genie Timeline view the current backup job.



  1. Open your Genie Timeline software → RestoreAdvanced Restore.
  2. From the Advanced Restore window, click the Restore from an older backup button.
  3. Browse for the backup folder (_Genie Timeline) you need to restore from its content, select it directly without going deeper inside it → OK.
  4. Genie Timeline may take some time to re-build the database of the selected backup. Once it is done, it will show you the content of this backup. Start browsing it and feel free to move the Timeline slider to select the time frame to restore data from. Select the data you wish to restore, and click Next to proceed to restore options.
  5. Set the restore options: With these options, you can specify where to restore the items and solve restore conflicts with files that have the same name.


Applies To: Genie Timeline (GTL).