After booting from Genie Backup Manager Disaster Recovery bootable disc, you can’t see your backup drive. Or you can only see the drive letter and icon, but double-clicking it does nothing or shows the drive is empty.



  1. Your backup drive is RAID configured, and you will need to include that RAID .inf drive file from the manufacture of the backup drive or the motherboard manufacturer in case the RAID was set up from the Motherboard controller.
  2. Your backup drive is Network attached (NAS) and the network adapter is not being detected in the Disaster Recovery environment. You will need to include the network driver .inf file from your motherboard manufacturer.



  1. First step is locating the appropriate driver for your hardware, and that can be done by checking with your computer hardware manufacturer.
  2. Afterwards, open Genie Backup Manager (GBM) and click the Disaster Recovery button.
  3. click the Create GDR bootable disc button.
  4. In the opened Genie Disaster Recovery window, click the Add Additional Drivers… option.
  5. In the new dialogue that will appear, click the Add… button → Browse for the .inf file that will enable the hardware to be detected in the Disaster Recovery environment later.
    In order for the driver to be installed successfully, we recommend to extract the driver installation file or compressed file that you have obtained from the manufacturer, place them all at one folder, and make sure that the .inf file are located in the same directory with the other driver files. Then simply point to the desired .inf files and press open to include them.

  6. After you selected the desired drivers to be included, press OK.
  7. Now, continue with creating the Disaster Recovery bootable disc by either burn directly to an CD/DVD, or generate the ISO file Disaster Recovery image using the Create ISO Image option, and this image produced will include your drivers selected.


APPLIES TO: Genie Backup Manager (GBM)