• Performance when writing to CD/DVD media depends greatly on available resources; it is strongly recommended to close all running applications and TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) applications before commencing backup to CD/DVD disks.
  • Quick erasing re-writable disks might render them ‘stubborn’ after a number of erases, it is recommended to perform a full erase every 7-10 quick erase sessions to revitalize the disk.
  • If you are using anti-virus real time protection software, it’s recommended to disable it until backup is complete, as it might start scanning data while being transferred to the CD/DVD media causing considerable slow down.
  • One of the most important variables in CD burning are the system memory (RAM).Your processor can be as slow as a Pentium 133 and still perform well as long as you have enough RAM. If your system can’t keep up with the data flow, it will cause write failures.
  • Genie Backup Manager writes to DVD/CD at the maximum speed allowed by both the media and the recorder. For trouble shooting purposes, the user can select a custom writing speed by clicking Advanced Settings from the CD/DVD section in Where to Backup
  • AIN (Auto-Insert Notification) – If AIN is turned on in the system, burned discs may not close properly, at all, or possible hang the system. It is very important to turn this off. Kindly be aware that other CD/DVD aware applications (Nero, Roxio, WinOnCD, etc…) may change the AIN settings burning issues.


For best performance under Windows /XP/NT/2000 you must make sure that the following settings are enabled/disabled for all CD drives on the user’s system (CD Readers and CD Writers)

  • User must currently have administrative rights.
  • Set the following registry value to disable Auto-Insert Notification:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/ Cdrom/Autorun=0
    Rebooting the system is advisable, but not required
  • Make sure that your IDE/ATAPI drivers for your motherboard are updated. Some motherboards have an issue sending data to a CDR/DVD if these drivers are not updated. If you have a writing problem, this is one of the first things you should check Device Manager – IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers. Having updated drivers is very important when using SPTI instead of ASPI.
    • To update your drivers, please refer to the following steps:

      – Right click on “My Computer” and from the menu choose Properties

      – Go to “Hardware” tab

      – Click on “Device Manager”

      – Update your drivers