PST files contains Outlook emails, tasks, calendar etc… however they do not contain all Outlook’s data.

Genie Backup Manager (GBM) will backup and restore the following Outlook items:

  • PST Files: Main PST files (Outlook.pst, Archive.pst) and additional PST files created by the user.
  • Personal Files and Data Folder: Contains personal files and data associated with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Settings and Control Information: Contains Microsoft Outlook settings and preferences.
  • Outlook Signatures: Files containing signature (paragraphs added automatically at the end of email messages).
  • Outlook Stationery: Stationery are templates that include a background image, unique text font colors, and custom margins.
  • Outlook Custom Forms: Forms are used to quickly and easily standardize the way information is distributed and collected electronically. Microsoft Outlook provides built-in forms for sending messages and for storing contact information.
  • Internet e-mail accounts: POP3, IMAP and HTTP e-mail accounts.
  • Outlook Options: Options set by the user while using Microsoft Outlook such as: notifications, displays, read receipts, sending options and formats, maintenance preferences, etc…
  • Categories: Any Microsoft Outlook item can be assigned to one or more categories. Consistent use of categories makes it easier to locate specific items.