Genie Backup Manger does not purge the backup though I have set the feature

There are several causes for this issue:

  1. Purge settings have changed.
  2. Changed backup type or drive.
  3. The backup spanned to multiple locations.
  4. The user enabled Advanced scheduler in GBM Pro and Server.
  5. The purge settings are working differently than expected.

Causes 1 and 2: delete the backups before changing the setting manually.
Cause 3: Purging is not supported when the backup needed to be deleted on a different media.
Cause 4: Use “Limit number of backup sets to (if supported by media)” in more settings as purge settings are disabled when enabling advanced scheduler.
Cause 5: Please make sure that your settings are correct by referring to the following knowledgebase:

GBM 7.0 and above