Your system drive is filling up from jobs information and catalog files, because Genie Backup Manager stores this information in the application data folder on the default system drive even if you chose to install the software on the secondary drive


To prevent the running out of space on your system drive, you have a couple of options:

1. Enable purge settings: Every time an old backup set is deleted, it will also delete the catalog information (i.e. the 8-digit files) corresponding to that run, for more information on purging please click here

2.Change the destination of the application data folder to a different drive: This is done by creating a junction point to the second drive, for information on how to change the default path of the application data folder please click here

3. Disable Catalog: This will prevent adding anymore of the 8-digit files; however, you will no longer be able to view catalog information of the backup jobs. To disable catalog, go to tools> Preferences> Cataloging > and uncheck “Enable Cataloging”

If you wish to empty space on your system drive, you can manually delete catalog information of old backup runs from Catalog> expand the backup job> right-click the backup run> click delete. This will delete catalog information for that run.